A few days ago i was invited to take part in a charity calendar shoot, not as the main shooter but as someone to keep the models entertained while waiting.

I arrive at the location to find that it's a naked calendar, now glamour is something i've tried in the past (you can see these attempts here and here) but it's not something i'm too comfortable with as i find it's kind of expected of a photographer these days and the majority that is put out by so called photographers looks cheap and gratuitous and that's something i want to distance myself from, that and it's just boring to shoot.

With this in mind i had no idea what to do, should i rest on my laurels and shoot portraits or do i go with the flow and and try to take a subject i have little interest in and make it work. Luckily i met Jay and while she enjoys glamour she prefers the more creative aspects of photography, while everyone was shooting indoors Jay and i were outside braving sun, dust, nettles and as you can see splinters in hopes of getting some unique shots.

It's safe to safe we shall be working together soon. :)

To see some of the results please clink on the picture

A few days ago i had posted on the Facebooks that i wanted to try a rain shoot,expecting a bunch of likes but no comments i was surprised when Sophie got in touch telling me she wanted to help. After a bit of back and forth we arranged to meet within the hour so as not to miss out on the "bad" weather.

It didn't take long for Sophie to start jumping in puddles like a little kid, a behaviour i was all too happy to capture.

When the weather got better we retreated to the trees for some portraits, i had little trouble getting what i wanted from Sophie as it seems she's done this before but she tells me other wise.

we end the day by going to a wheat field  and get some summery shot despite the wet, it wasn't till after the shoot Sophie tells me she's allergic to most things and to prove this there is a hugh rash along her arm, i see this as a testament to professionalism and drive to get "the shot" of which i am confident we did.

To see Sophies gallery click on her picture.

A while ago i decided to make my own tilt shift and while this is still in development i managed to put together a macro lens using the leftovers of an old 70-200mm.

The early results were ok but with the DOF being to shallow it was very difficult to get what i wanted in focus 
Knowing i had to make an iris to limit the light to in turn expand the DOF i cut a paper disc and put a small hole in it and below are the recent results.

Hello :)



Welcome to my online portfolio where i'll be sharing what i do and why as the blog is new there will be a fair amount of retrospective posts but i'll spread them out.

Where to start then? how about last tuesday make that monday night when i noticed a post on FB asking for a photographer urgently, not knowing what to expect i responded and the next day i found myself in the early hours on a train bound for leeds.

The shoot i was needed for was for the clothing designer Bo Carter and i would be shooting the lovely Debbie Van Der Putten with make up by Pamela Claire.

This marks the third shoot using my new 85mm 1.8 prime lens and my second fashion shoot. 

iso 400, 22mm, f/8.0, 1/200 sec
iso 800, 85mm, f/5.0, 1/200 sec



    Hi I'm Nick

    Welcome to my blog : here you'll find my photographic experiments. 

    I started this project in early 2011 when I realised I wanted to spend my time doing something I enjoyed and here you'll find the ongoing results of this. I wouldn't say I'm a pro, sure I studied photography at college but that was about a decade ago so what I learnt back then I've mostly forgotten - I just strive to make the best images possible, no matter what the subject.


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