A few days ago i had posted on the Facebooks that i wanted to try a rain shoot,expecting a bunch of likes but no comments i was surprised when Sophie got in touch telling me she wanted to help. After a bit of back and forth we arranged to meet within the hour so as not to miss out on the "bad" weather.

It didn't take long for Sophie to start jumping in puddles like a little kid, a behaviour i was all too happy to capture.

When the weather got better we retreated to the trees for some portraits, i had little trouble getting what i wanted from Sophie as it seems she's done this before but she tells me other wise.

we end the day by going to a wheat field  and get some summery shot despite the wet, it wasn't till after the shoot Sophie tells me she's allergic to most things and to prove this there is a hugh rash along her arm, i see this as a testament to professionalism and drive to get "the shot" of which i am confident we did.

To see Sophies gallery click on her picture.



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