A few days ago i was invited to take part in a charity calendar shoot, not as the main shooter but as someone to keep the models entertained while waiting.

I arrive at the location to find that it's a naked calendar, now glamour is something i've tried in the past (you can see these attempts here and here) but it's not something i'm too comfortable with as i find it's kind of expected of a photographer these days and the majority that is put out by so called photographers looks cheap and gratuitous and that's something i want to distance myself from, that and it's just boring to shoot.

With this in mind i had no idea what to do, should i rest on my laurels and shoot portraits or do i go with the flow and and try to take a subject i have little interest in and make it work. Luckily i met Jay and while she enjoys glamour she prefers the more creative aspects of photography, while everyone was shooting indoors Jay and i were outside braving sun, dust, nettles and as you can see splinters in hopes of getting some unique shots.

It's safe to safe we shall be working together soon. :)

To see some of the results please clink on the picture



21/07/2012 16:37

Very classy Nick..deffo not cheap and gratuitous!! I like :-) x


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